Graphic Novel Review: Pebble and Wren by Chris Hallbeck

Pebble and Wren by Chris Hallbeck. Clarion Books, 2023. 9780358541288. 240pp.

This graphic novel is an expanded, full-color version of Library Comic co-creator Chris Hallbeck’s all-ages webcomic, Pebble and Wren!

I cannot recommend this webcomic enough — it has amazing characters, wonderful art, and a kindness that is pure Chris. It belongs in all libraries that have books for kids and families.

It’s time for Pebble to leave his parents and go into the human world, and he’s a little freaked out. But he has to go in order to unlock his true monster skills. After wandering around for a bit he knocks on a door and meets Wren and her papa and her dad. They invite him to stay a while. Wren loves scary things, and lucky for Pebble she’s willing to coach him on what he should do. And lucky for Wren they have lots of food Pebble likes, otherwise he’d likely start eating the furniture. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and of Pebble trying to figure out what his special skills might be.

My favorite part is the end (which I won’t give away), but this book has so many moments I love including: Pebble learning about the bones in the human body, Pebble and Wren’s Halloween costumes, and of course all of the bits about books and reading.

You can still read the original Pebble and Wren webcomics starting at

And make sure to check out Chris’s YouTube channel


One thought on “Graphic Novel Review: Pebble and Wren by Chris Hallbeck”

  1. Ian Cull says:

    Ordered! I read the web and it just sort of stopped, maybe this will be a better end 🙂

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