Graphic Novel Review: Paranorthern And The Chaos Bunny A-Hop-Calypse

Paranorthern And The Chaos Bunny A-Hop-Calypse written by Stephanie Cooke, art by Mari Costa. Etch, 2021. 9780358168997. 240pp. And there’s a recipe for a matcha latte after the story.

Abby helps her mom at the Witch’s Brew, where they serve coffee and potions to North Haven residents. Abby knows her magic has been acting up lately, but she’s not clear about the crisis she’s caused until her friends Silas (a pumpkinhead), Hanna (a ghost), and Gita (a wolf girl) help her clean up one night. That’s when they find the first of many chaos bunnies who’ve come through the dimensional portal Abby accidentally created. It’s a recipe for chaos (of course) as the friends try to help Abby figure out how to close the portal.

Each of the friends has their moment in the story, but my favorite is when Gita is at home with her parents, and they start talking to her about the urges she’s going to experience as a woman. (Gita rightfully bails on the conversation in favor of skateboarding.) Overall this is an enjoyable book with just the right sense of adventure and a friendly friend group.


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