Graphic Novel Review: Old Head by Kyle Starks

Old Head by Kyle Starks, colors by Chris Schweizer. Image, 2021. 9781534320741. 120pp.

Former pro basketball player Nash Gliven, Jr. was once known as “The Knife.” But most players referred to him as “Old Head” because he stuck around for too long, leading the league in hard fouls and not-taking-any-bullshit while often warming the bench.

On the day of his mother’s funeral Nash finds out that vampires are real, his mother was a badass monster fighter, and that he does indeed have one more great game in him.

Great moments: Gliven’s ex-wife’s explanation for why he was called “The Knife,” the creepy dudes who practice The Dracula Method for picking up women, and the entrance of the Dark Lord himself into the story. Plus I just love the ending. Here’s hoping Old Head’s daughter stars in a sequel one day.

Starks entertaining and humorous graphic novels read like the best b-grade action movies — I highly recommend Sexcastle and Kill Them All, which he both wrote and drew. He’s also known for a bunch of other comics work including Assassin Nation and many issues of Rick and Morty comics.


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