Graphic Novel Review: Off Season by James Sturm

Off Season by James Sturm. Drawn & Quarterly, 2018. 9781770463318. 213pp.

I fear there’s no pitch I can make for this book that will show how much I enjoyed it, but here goes: A marriage disintegrates during/with the help of the 2016 Presidential election. A dad struggles with work and the custody schedule while thinking about his estranged wife and his feelings for her. The most heartbreaking moment: when they take their kids trick-or-treating together. I remember the misery and awkwardness of those nights when I was little, and my divorced parents tried to hang out together in order to act like a family for a bit just for the sake of us kids.

Sturm paces the story perfectly within it’s constraint — there are two panels of equal size on each page. Highly recommended.


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