Graphic Novel Review: New Books in Children’s Graphic Novel Series

Cranky Chicken: Party Animals by Katherine Battersby. Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2022. 9781534470217. 104pp.

Three more short stories about Cranky and her friend Speedy (a worm). The first involves getting over being hangry, in which we find out Cranky is vegetarian and does not eat worms. The second involves a surprise party that’s not a surprise (surprises make Cranky cranky). The third involves a trip to the beach which, of course, Cranky is not looking forward to. All ends well because Speedy is an awesome friend. Beautifully drawn and hilarious.



Barb and the Ghost Blade (Barb the Last Berserker Book 2) by Dan & Jason. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2022. 9781534485747. 250pp.

Barb has the Shadow Blade (which she acquired in Book 1) and its power makes her awesome. She’s taking the new monster zerks she’s recruited, including her yeti friend Porkchop, to Maug Horn to try to figure out how to defeat Witch Head. Along the way they encounter bandits and Barb tells the story of how she became a berzerker in the the first place. That’s how we learn about the Ghost Blade, which makes Berserkers unbeatable. Of course Barb will need to figure out how to use the Ghost Blade to face her former teammates who have been turned evil and now serve Witch Head. (The fantasy violence in this book is more silly than anything, and most of the monsters are completely kid-friendly.)

Nugget and Hot Dog: S’More Than Meets The Eye by Jason Tharp (Ready to Read Graphics Level 2). Simon Spotlight, 2022. 9781665913294. 64pp.

Friends Nugget and Hot Dog go to camp, where they continue to use K.E.T.C.H.U.P. to help others (See the attached art sample.) Dijon is still evil, but when he and Crouton try to scare everyone at the campfire, their plan goes awry. This is the third book in a fun graphic novel series for early readers.






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