Graphic Novel Review: Monster Friends by Kaeti Vandorn

Monster Friends by Kaeti Vandorn. RH Graphic, 2021. 9781984896827. 272pp.

Reggie is a nervous, one-eyed monster fresh from his adventures. House-sitting for his cousin Agnes, he’s plagued by freaky dreams and a bit anxious, especially about contacting his adventuring pal, Clovis.

One day while he’s sweeping the walk, a friendly, long-eared monster introduces herself (kinda) and asks him to play. She won’t take no for an answer, despite the not-so-subtle hints Reggie drops that he wants to be left alone. (Of course they become friends.)

My favorite part of this book are the colors Vandorn uses and the friendly tone. The scene where Emily and Reggie read a book on cryptozoology together is my favorite.


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