Graphic Novel Review: Mimi and the Wolves Volume 1 by Alabaster Pizzo

Mimi and the Wolves Volume 1 by Alabaster Pizzo. Avery Hill, 2019. 9781910395486.

I need to rave about Alabaster Pizzo’s art. The anthropomorphic animals she draws are (mostly) wonderfully cute (the wolves can look a bit sinister.) Her writing plays against the cuteness in the most perfect way. It’s like a deep, PG-13 version of Animal Crossing that looks better because it’s drawn in black and white.

Mimi is a garland-making mouse who lives with her mate, Bobo. Ever since she was little she’s had a recurring nightmare full of weird creatures and violence (it doesn’t scare her). After taking a concoction to help her have a lucid dream, she speaks to the Holy Venus in her dream. Mimi paints the symbol Holy Venus shows her onto leaves and soon makes a friend who knows about Venus, too — Egort, a wolf. He tells her about Venus, talismans, and spirit guides. Bobo is alarmed — he tells Mimi its the symbol for a cult. After he finds out she’s been hanging out with wolves, he’s alarmed. (She didn’t even tell him about the drugs she’s been doing with them.) He forbids her from seeing them again, but she has to find out about the symbol and the meaning of her dreams.

Strange place for a cute anthropomorphic animal comic to go, but it’s compelling. I’m waiting for the next volume.


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