Graphic Novel Review: Methods of Dyeing by B. Mure

Methods of Dyeing by B. Mure. Avery Hill Publishing, 2021. 9781910395622.

The fourth graphic novella in the Ismyre series is a murder mystery of sorts. Professor Detlef, botanist and master dyer, due to give a lecture at Ismyre University, is found dead on the university grounds. A detective sent by the Belsithan government arrives to take charge of the investigation because Detlef was one of its citizens. Mary, who found the body, leads the detective to the professor’s room and, ultimately, helps with a bit of revenge too.

It’s a quiet story full of anthropomorphic characters and bold colors like the other graphic novels in the series. I particularly love the way Mure continues to explore the world without over-explaining any aspect of it.


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