Graphic Novel Review: Meesh the Bad Demon by Michelle Lam

Meesh the Bad Demon by Michelle Lam. Alfred A. Knopf, 2023. 9780593372869.

Meesh lives with her grandmother in Mount Lava, and she loves watching the adventures of the fairy Princess Nouna on TV. At school she’s frequently picked on and unsuccessful at the demon skills she’s supposed to master, which include fire breathing, acid-puking, and lava-molding. It’s so bad she doesn’t want to be a demon at all. But when something goes wrong with the lava, and everyone turns to stone, it’s up to Meesh to find help. She heads to Plumeria City to find Princess Nouna and her magic ruby but instead finds a city full of fairies who vilify demons and react poorly to Meesh having snuck in uninvited.

Meesh and Nouna end up on an adventure together, though, one that eventually involves the bully who picks on Meesh, a very charming young wolf, and a heist of sorts. Friendships are forged! Problems are solved. New magical powers are discovered. And a sequel is set up.

The book is beautiful, and elementary students in particular will love it.


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