Graphic Novel Review: Mamo by Sas Milledge

Mamo by Sas Milledge. BOOM! BOX, 2022. 9781684158171. Includes #1 – #5.

Jo seeks the help of a witch because magic is going nuts all over Haresden, the fae are misbehaving, and her mother has been cursed. That’s how she meets Orla, who is visiting after her grandmother Mamo’s death. Mamo was the Witch of Haresden, and when she died she didn’t make sure her bones were buried correctly, which is at the heart of most of the town’s magical troubles. Plus her spirit is angry. Now Mamo’s bones need to be buried correctly, and Orla is going to need Jo’s help to do that, to navigate the traps the fae and others have created.

I thought I was done with witchy graphic novels for young people, but this excellent book proved how wrong I was. It’s full of love and friendship, and creates a perfectly understated sense of wonder. My favorite moment was when Jo was having breakfast with her family and we find out her nickname. The irritated trolls are fun, too.


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