Graphic Novel Review: Making Friends

Making Friends coverMaking Friends by Kristen Gudsnuk. Scholastic Graphix, 2018. 9781338139228. 263pp.

7th grade sucks for Danny and she feels like she doesn’t have any friends and isn’t sure where she belongs. After watching Solar Sisters she draws the face of the blue-haired, misunderstood (aka evil) Prince Neptune in the sketchbook that she grabbed at her deceased great-aunt’s house, and his head pops from the page and comes to life. Prince Neptune refers to her as Princess Danielle, and is somewhat charming and snarky when he’s not feeding on her life energy or coaxing her toward being bad. Then Danny soon uses the magic of the book to draw a new best friend, and create a few magic items and cash. Nothing goes as expected and it would ruin everything to say more, though I want to add this: the few pages featuring a 1980s anti-bullying video had me rolling on the floor. Great book.

Making Friends 1 Making Friends 3


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