Graphic Novel Review: Lunch Quest by Chris Kuzma

Lunch Quest by Chris Kuzma. Koyama, 2019. 9781927668658. 82pp.

A hungry rabbit arrives home in his carrotmobile and starts looking for lettuce. He sticks his head in the lettuce cubby (and another world?) where he sees two young skaters, Greta and Sully, whose amazing kickflips produce hot dogs and black holes. They meet a gremlin that’s even more amazing, and whom they follow to the forest. They have quite an adventure. A deer farts on Greta. There’s a dragon, and a giant skate ramp.

The rabbit just watches this. Then he heads to the basement because he hears music. There are rainbow bricks and his giant friend named Ethel, who has a piano. He asks her about his lettuce, and then looks into her piano (and another world again) and watches as students from Buena Vista Elementary have a dance battle with students from the nearby boys academy.

Weird? Yeah! And it’s sweet with moments of silliness and joy.


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