Graphic Novel Review: Livi & Nate by Kalle Hkkola and Mari Ahokoivu

Livi & Nate by Kalle Hkkola and Mari Ahokoivu. Translated by Owen F. Witesman. Owlkids, 2019. 9781771473729. 72pp.

In this Finnish graphic novel the two title siblings live with their mom and grandpa. The landscape is covered in snow. Livi is pretty freaked out by noises outside and her thoughts that her mom and grandpa might die. But the kids have a great time sledding outside and then adventuring in their dreams, which feature a big friendly snow bear, their super powered mom, and oh so many butterflies.

I can’t think of another graphic novel for little kids with this combination of magic, delight, love, and real world fears.


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