Graphic Novel Review: Limited Edition and Fanfare by Aude Picault

Limited Edition by Aude Picault. Translated by Matt Madden. Dargaud / Europe Comics, 2018. Available in English only as an ebook — links for where to buy it at 150pp.

Claire, a neonatal nurse, would love to fall in love and start a family, but the men she dates just aren’t ready to commit. She’s taking some time off from dating when she meets Franck, who starts pursuing her. They fall in love, and it seems like everything might work out. (Until it doesn’t seem like that, though Claire hardly seems to notice.)

Picault has a way of infusing scenes that would be otherwise terrible with a bit of humor — the way she draws body language allows her to express the tiny joys that we all have at even the worst of times. The sex scenes are funny even when they’re a bit sad, and Claire, even in her self-denial, comes across as an amazing woman.













Fanfare by Aude Picault. (in French) Guy Delecourt Productions / Shampooing, 2011. 9782756024271. 96pp.

I loved Picault’s drawings so much that I ordered this book from France. It centers on a tutu-wearing, mostly brass, mostly cross-dressing marching band at a festival full of bands in strange costumes. At the center of the narrative is a young woman, Alda, who is expecting to meet her beau Bilu at the festival, but instead learns that he’s on vacation with another woman. She’s hurt. Josée, the woman on the cover, comforts her, but it seems like the party might be over for Alda.

Picault’s drawings of the bands playing music, of the party, and in particular of the crazy costumes are full of joy, a beautiful counterpoint to Alda’s anger. You’ll find Picault’s drawings amazing even if you don’t read French.


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