Graphic Novel Review: Leviathan (Adventuregame Comics) by Jason Shiga

Leviathan (Adventuregame Comics) by Jason Shiga. Amulet Books, 2022. 9781419757792. 144pp.

Every new book from Shiga (Meanwhile, Book Hunter, Demon) is a reason to celebrate, plus this is the start of a new series, so woo hoo!

It’s a pick-a-path type book that reminds me of old console RPG video games and which shares how-it-works DNA with Shiga’s Meanwhile (though there are no tabbed pages here, at least not in my advance review copy). There’s a page at the beginning explaining how the book works.

You start by ordering either mead or poppy milk and then show some ID, which involves choosing, among other things, your name, your eye color, and character class. And then you’re off trying find a job which leads to tracking down the Starlight Wand that controls the Leviathan, which either protects the Cobalt Isles or is a monster (you’ll find out which). There are clues to remember, loops you’ll probably get stuck in for a while, and a visit to the town library, which was both fun and, if I remember correctly, unavoidable.

Truly fun for all-ages unless the word “mead” is too much for you or your library.


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