Graphic Novel Review: Kerry and the Knight of the Forest by Andi Watson

Kerry and the Knight of the Forest by Andi Watson. Random House Graphic, 2020. 9781984893291. 288pp.

Kerry is rushing home to Meadowsweet when he’s tricked into taking a path through a cursed forest and gets lost. He saves a snail’s life, but then has to convince it to help him find his way home. It tells Kerry to find the Old Knight of the Road. But the knight isn’t the hero in armor Kerry was hoping for — it’s a waystone, whose duty is to guide travelers. And Kerry is going to need help as to get past the will-o-wisps, the seedlings, and the other agents of the malevolent spirit that has taken over the forest. Kerry’s chief attribute is his kindness. The knight thinks this is going to cause Kerry nothing but trouble. (Of course he’s wrong).

After the story, there are D&D-ish character sheets for everyone and everything in the story that include scores for Empathy and Moxie, plus instructions for readers to create their own characters. There are also a few pages from an early draft of the story plus thumbnails, including 43 simple sketches that show how Watson (with help from the book’s designer) figured out the cover design. It should all be inspiring to young comic creators.

I’m a huge fan of Andi Watson’s comics. His most famous graphic novels for kids are Glister and Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula, but if you live in the UK (or just shop there online occasionally), try to pick up his Gum Girl books if you can find them — they’re great, too.


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