Graphic Novel Review: Junkwraith by Ellinor Richey

Junkwraith by Ellinor Richey. Top Shelf, 2021. 9781603095006. 280pp.

Florence throws away her skates one night, and they become possessed by a junkwraith, a spirit out for revenge. It curses her, causing her to start to lose her memories. (Really she should have just donated her used goods and avoided the problem but…) With her juju, Frank (a little egg-shaped companion that’s there to help her) she runs away from home. (Sensibly, her first stop is the public library where she usually escapes into paranormal romances.) After getting some advice from a friendly, once-cursed librarian, she goes into the wastes beyond the city to find a way to deal with the unfriendly spirit.

This graphic novel looks like it glows — I love Richey’s art, and the best part is the colors! This is a unique, self-contained fantasy story about haunted stuff, and if you love indy comics it’s worth picking up or buying for your teen collection.


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