Graphic Novel Review: InvestiGators by John Patrick Green

InvestiGators by John Patrick Green. First Second, 2020. 9781250219954. 201pp. including a few lessons in how to draw characters in the back.

Investigators is the graphic novel Green has been working toward for years. It brings together the cute animals and workplace humor of his Kitten Construction Company and Hippopotamister in a fun, wordplay-filled mystery featuring two alligator investigators, Mango and Brash. The pair work for S.U.I.T. (Special Undercover Investigative Teams) to solve mysteries and fight “crime, corruption, and confusion.” The story starts with the pair going undercover at a bakery because world famous cupcake chef Gustavo Mustachio is missing, which leads them to another mystery involving the thingamabob invented at the Science Factory and the villain who wants to steal it. Oh and there’s also a shadowy, vaguely alligator-shaped figure forcing Gustavo to bake for his nefarious reasons (which will come into play in the sequel, which was just published).

My favorite thing about the book, aside from the drawings, is a character straight out of Green and Dave Roman’s Teen Boat!, a transforming doctor with a hilarious origin story and a very strange trigger word.


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