Graphic Novel Review: Incredible Doom Volume 1

Incredible Doom Volume 1 written and illustrated by Matthew Bogart, story by Matthew Bogart & Jesse Holden. Harper Alley, 2021. 9780063064935.

“Are you, like me, an old nerd? Then this is the book for you.” — Librarian and book person extraordinaire Sarah Hunt, who used to collaborate with me on the Book Threat website,

Sarah read this graphic novel and then called me to sing its praises. It looks like it’s being marketed as YA, and it will appeal to some teens, sure, but it’s aimed squarely at folks like use who lived through and participated in the pre-internet years of dial-up BBS’s. And at people who love great art — it’s beautifully told in black and white and blue.

It is, as you might suspect, about disaffected youth. Sarah’s dad — this is a character in the book not the above-named librarian — is a magician and a controlling asshole who uses a magic trick to abuse her after she doesn’t want to help him on stage anymore. She figures out how to use the family computer to make friends, including Samir, who she sets off to rescue (while at the same time saving herself). Richard is new in town, and he’s seriously bullied for being a bit of a nerd by another kid, whom he knows from camp. Tina from the Evol House BBS saves Richard, and starts making sure he’s safe at school. (But then he pisses her off…)

Somehow these four teens stories will come together. The next volume is due out in 2022.


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