Graphic Novel Review: Girl Haven

Girl Haven written by Lilah Sturges, illustrated by Meaghan Carter. Oni Press, 2021. 9781620108659.

After swooning over Eleanor when she offers to paint his nails, Ash joins his middle school’s pride club with Eleanor, Chloe, and Junebug. They all offer support to Chloe, who just came out to her parents, and then head to Ash’s house. He shows them his mother’s studio, a converted shed where she created the fantasy world Koretis starting when she was in first grade. (This is all before Ash’s mom left. Or did she disappear?) Chloe finds a book of spells, including the one that transports them all to Koretis. Turns out it’s a haven for girls full of magical creatures, including quite a few talking rabbits. And they’re not really happy to see a boy there. But then the kindest and wisest of the rabbits lets them know that she believes the kids are there to save everyone (they are), and that the magic hasn’t failed them in bringing them Ash because maybe he is a girl: “Girls come in all shapes and sizes, after all.”


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