Graphic Novel Review: Galaxy: The Prettiest Star by Jadzia Axelrod and Jess Taylor

Galaxy: The Prettiest Star by Jadzia Axelrod and Jess Taylor. DC Graphic Novels for Young Adults, 2022. 9781401298531. 192pp. Includes a list of resources at the end for anyone who might need help.

Taylor Barzelay doesn’t recognize himself in the mirror. His father and his high school basketball coach rides him pretty hard and keeps him from getting close to other kids. His younger sister and brother offer some distraction, but Taylor is about to explode because of his secret. Those people are not his family. Even his dog, Argus, isn’t really a dog. They’re all from the planet Cyandii, and they’re only pretending to be human (and canine). They fled home when the Vane attacked and they are hiding on our planet, afraid of being discovered, afraid of the finding the gem in Taylor’s chest.. And it’s even worse for Taylor, who was the Galaxy Crowned, the beautiful, horned princess Princess of Cyandi. Taylor’s “dad” General Phil turned her into a boy to make the disguise all the better. They still live in fear of being discovered, of being reveled as aliens. But Taylor has just met Kat, and their friendship seems to be heading toward more, including revealing the truth about who Taylor is.

I don’t usually care for comics art without black inks, but artist Jess Taylor makes these pages sparkle. Their art is the perfect compliment to Axelrod’s entirely new take on the alien princess story. I hope to see Galaxy make more appearances in DC comics soon.


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