Graphic Novel Review: For the Love of God, Marie! by Jade Sarson

For the Love of God, Marie! by Jade Sarson. Myriad Editions, 2018. 9781908434777. 240pp.

The book opens with a few pages in which young Marie is confused about messages at church. Why does her mother say two women loving each other is blasphemy if what’s most important is loving those around you? Flash forward a bit. Marie, in year eleven of school, wakes up with Colin. Her mission is now simple: “…we should love everyone as God has loved us — by making love to them!” Her parents are less than pleased. In year thirteen she meets William, who reveals his secret to her — he’s a cross-dresser. She tells him he’s beautiful, and they start to have sex in one of the PE changing rooms. The nun who catches them suspends them both, but Marie inspires William to be who he is, which forms the basis for their lifelong friendship (that is sometimes more). Then Marie meets Agnes outside the school office — Agnes is being abused, and thinks she needs to beg God for his forgiveness. Marie convinces her otherwise and they fall in love. Agnes eventually gets help, though after telling a teacher about the abuse at home she’s sent to London. There’s another significant relationship, too, after which Marie gives birth to Annie. The second half of the book is her and Will raising Annie together she is eleven, and ends with Marie falling in love again.

This graphic novel has a fast pace and some very graphic scenes that add to the romance. My favorite thing about it is the way Sarson uses colors, especially the purples Marie’s orange hair.


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