Graphic Novel Review: Farm Crimes! Cracking The Case Of The Missing Egg by Sandra Dumais

Farm Crimes! Cracking The Case Of The Missing Egg by Sandra Dumais. Owlkids, 2020. 9781771474153. 48pp.

This is a very short mystery great for kids who are just graduating from picture books. A hen suddenly freaks out because her egg is missing. The animals are worried about a burglar, so they ring the cow’s bell three times, calling Inspector Billiam Van Hoof, the world’s #1 goat detective, from his house on the other side of the farm. He grabs his tools (including his detective sandals) and takes a very roundabout way to the scene of the crime. Then he’s on the job, which he takes a bit too seriously. It’s not long before the the mystery is solved. (It’s almost certain kids will solve it first, which is a lot of the fun.)

Loved the illustrations, particularly the chicken (she’s very worked up), the raccoon (still not sure why he’s wearing shorts) and of course the detective (his disguise is a bit ridiculous). Like so many graphic novels originally published in France, the colors are wonderful.


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