Graphic Novel Review: Eerie Tales from the School of Screams by Graham Annable

Eerie Tales from the School of Screams by Graham Annable. First Second, 2023. 9781250195036. 364pp.

A teacher writes the word “eerie” on the chalkboard in front of her class and then asks the young students to tell the class the eeriest story they have. Their stories are strange. Alvin tells the first, “The Village That Vanished…”, about two men who follow a map to a field filled with sheep where they meet a strange dude who tells them what happened to the town of Wattersbug. It’s not horribly graphic, but it’s also not a story I’d expect a kid to tell, though his teacher seems excited. Alice’s story, “The Face In The Forest…” features a girl named Luanne who’s expected to do everything for her aunt and uncle, though they don’t seem happy that she’s so helpful. When she goes into the forest in search of wood she meets a sympathetic head. Will it help her, or does it mean her no good? It’s hard to say at first though the head seems very friendly, and it says it wants her help.

More stories follow. They involve drones, ghosts, spaceships, aliens, grandparents, and demons. When you’re reading the book, don’t jump ahead — it has a fun ending, but you have to read every page to really enjoy it.

This is my favorite spooky kids’ graphic novel in a while. I know a few kids who would have enjoyed it in grade school, but it’s probably got more appeal for older students and adults, it would make a great read-aloud.


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