Graphic Novel Review: Edison Beaker Creature Seeker: The Lost City by Frank Cammuso

Edison Beaker Creature Seeker: The Lost City by Frank Cammuso. Viking, 2019. 9780425291962. 176pp.

Edison Beaker survived the Darkness, brought back the keystone, and fought Baron Umbra, but his uncle still won’t let him help with Creature Seeker business. His Grandma reveals that she knows about their adventure, and tells them about the Lost City of Pharos (which she needs them to find) — Edison is the Torch Bearer, and needs to bring the Spark there. Soon they’re being chased by underlings, reunited with their friends Knox and Alexander (a giant cat), and on their way to face Baron Umbra again. (He’s a one-eyed, flaming skull with shadow tentacles? Very cool.)

Cammuso’s graphic novels have everything I need in a kids book — great plot, fun dialogue, wonderful drawings. I read everything he publishes, and recommend his books for libraries everywhere.


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