Graphic Novel Review: Don Vega by Pierre Alary

Don Vega by Pierre Alary. Translation: Matt Madden. Europe Comics, 2020. for digital purchasing options.

A Zorro tale set in late 1840s California, drawn by Pierre Alary, whose art I fell in love with while trying my best to read his Belladone series in French. No one draws swashbuckling sword fights like Alary, and his colors are just as amazing. This Zorry story has a suitably villainous villain, a town full of ordinary folks who are suffering, and of course a masked avenger whose true identity likely won’t stay hidden for long.

This graphic novel is only available digitally in English, but it’s worth the price. And it’s complete in one volume, so you won’t be left waiting for the next book.

Worth noting: Alary also illustrated the adaptation of “The Queen of the Black Coast) in The Cimmerian Volume 1, which was recently published in English by Ablaze.


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