Graphic Novel Review: Crumbs by Danie Stirling

Crumbs by Danie Stirling. Etch / Clarion Books, 2022. 9780358467793. 384pp.  Originally published on Webtoon in 2020.

Ray is an ambitious young seer who goes to Marigold’s bakery every Friday to get her favorite treat, a dessert filled with romance. Laurie works there (it’s his aunt’s place) — he’s a musician who very much needs to pass his test and get his license to fly his broom. After they talk, they bond over their attachment to their old model “phones,” outdated devices that seem to have spirits in them and a lot of character. It’s not too long before their flirting leads to dating, which is complicated by Ray’s special ability — unlike most seers, she doesn’t see the future, but sees the present. This makes her very powerful, and almost certain to be named to the Council if she wants to pursue a life of service. But it also means that she gets insights into the life of anyone she touches. At some point it becomes clear she can basically see in to Laurie’s life anytime she wants to, which is a bit weird (and made stranger still by the very reasonable fact that there are some things he wants to tell her in his own time). And then Ray has to decide what to put first, her career or romance.

I don’t expect YA romances to hook me but every year or so I pick one up and can’t put it down. This is that book for me this year. So sweet, fun, innocent, and inclusive, plus it’s full of baked goods. I’m buying a copy for my family as soon as I get a chance, and I’m buying it for a gift for someone else tomorrow if I can find it in a bookstore. Check it out on Webtoon and then maybe buy a copy for someone you know, too.


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