Graphic Novel Review: Cosmoknights by Hannah Templer.

Cosmoknights by Hannah Templer. Top Shelf, 2019. 9781603094542. 216pp.

Pan dreams of living in space and working on spaceships, but her friend Tara is a princess, and Tara is never going to get to leave Viridian and explore the galaxy. Next week there’s a cosmoknights tournament (think people in cool robot suits), and Tara’s family is going to marry her off to the winner. She asks Pan to help her run away.

Cut to years later, and another tournament where cosmoknights are battling for the right (for their sponsors to) marry a different princess. It’s a kinetic, tech heavy version of jousting complete with robot suits. Pan, working at her dad’s garage, doesn’t want to watch. Afterwards, one of the competitors and her partner end up at Pan’s house for a bit of anonymous medical care. Pan is confused by why a woman warrior would compete in such games, and finds out they don’t believe in them, either. In fact they’re gaming the system. Soon Pan is running for the spaceport to join them.

Lots of action and bright colors make this an incredibly compelling start to what feels like it may become an epic story.


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