Graphic Novel Review: Catwoman: Lonely City by Cliff Chiang

Catwoman: Lonely City by Cliff Chiang. DC Black Label, 2022. 9781779516367.

Cliff Chiang (Paper Girls, Wonder Woman) handles the writing and art duties in this beautiful hardcover that DC had the good sense to print in an oversized format. It’s about a fifty-something Selene Kyle aka Catwoman after she gets out of prison, ten years after Batman (and others) died on Fool’s Night. Harvey Dent is Mayor of Gotham City. Barbara Gordon is running against him in an election. Police with bat-tech are exerting too much authority in the streets. And it all turns into a redemption story of sorts, a dangerous heist-like adventure that leads Catwoman and others to break into the Batcave in the name of opposing Dent and his plans for Gotham. Guest stars include many familiar faces but most notably older versions of villains Killer Croc, Edward Nigma, and Poison Ivy. (If Killer Croc doesn’t make you smile I don’t want to know you.)

Buy this for your adult collection but put it where teens can find it, too.


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