Graphic Novel Review: Bug Scouts: Out In The Wild by Mike Lowery

Bug Scouts: Out In The Wild by Mike Lowery. Scholastic Graphix, 2022. 9781338726329.

Doug (a bug) and Abby (a worm) are best friends. Together with their other best friend Josh (a spider) they welcome the newest member of the Bug Scouts, Luna (a lighting bug). Their top secret headquarters isn’t very secret, but there are free snacks, plus they’re all taking a hike to get a new bug badge. (Abby is obsessed with them; she has lots. Josh has very few.) In the woods they do some foraging and then come across a “terrifying” bug-eating frog.

Best part: Besides Lowery’s art, which is as great as always, there’s an excellent toadstool joke.

This graphic novel is perfect for readers transitioning away from picture books, and would make a solid read-aloud.


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