Graphic Novel Review: bubble written by Jordan Morris and Sarah Morgan, adapted by Tony Cliff

bubble written by Jordan Morris and Sarah Morgan, adapted by Tony Cliff, Jordan Morris and Sarah Morgan. First Second, 2021. 9781250245557. 272pp.

This is an adult science fiction graphic novel set in a world 99% like our own (they even have Trader Joe’s). The difference: it’s a city on an alien world surrounded by a bubble that’s supposed to keep its citizens safe. The problem: it doesn’t — alien monsters are constantly getting in and attacking. The solution: Huntr, an app that pays freelancers to exterminate monsters. At the center of it all is Morgan, who was born in the Bush and likes to kill monsters, and her roommate Annie who makes recreational drugs from monster remains. There are also a few other friends who round out their hipster friend group.

What’s important is it’s entertaining, filled with violence and cleverness, social media hype, and the creepiest book club ever. Plus it has just the right amount of realistic swearing. A lovely, smart B-movie of a book drawn (I think) by the amazing Tony Cliff of Delilah Dirk fame. (If you haven’t read all of his other books go do so now, they’re so much fun.) Bonus: it’s based on a scripted podcast from Maximum Fun of the same name that I must now listen to.


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