Graphic Novel Review: Blood Stained Teeth Book One: Bite Me

Blood Stained Teeth Book One: Bite Me by Christian Ward (story, art, colors on some pages), Patrick Reynolds (art), and Heather Moore (colors). Image, 2022. 9781534323858. Contains #1 – #5.

First Born Vampires are rich and cool and can turn humans. Sips (those turned by First Born) are kind of a mess, and they attract the wrong sort of attention, so the First Born forbid their creation.

First Born Atticus Sloan has been turning people for a fee plus a portion of their future earnings. But he’s been found out by the First Council, and now he has just three weeks to track down all the Sips he’s made. He must kill them or he’ll be killed himself. There are, of course, complications. Some of the Sips are famous, and of course they all want to live forever. (This is a promising start to a new series.)

Worth noting: Moore’s colors throughout are fantastic, and it’s great to have a few pages colored by Ward himself as well.


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