Graphic Novel Review: Big Girls by Jason Howard

Big Girls by Jason Howard. Image, 2021. 9781534318397. 144pp. Contains Big Girls #1 – 6.

The last remnants of humanity are trying to start over in The Preserve, a city where giant women protect ordinary-sized people from giant monsters. The monsters are boys infected with the megaorganism, which changes them into mindless Jacks. Though they may not be as mindless as everyone thinks? Otherwise how would the mad scientist hellbent on destroying The Preserve get them to do what she wants? And the Jacks work together, and some even talk (though they’re not supposed to be able to). It’s clear something is about to change, but not necessarily for the better. And there’s a lot of oversized, building-wrecking violence that brings old monster movies to mind.

I’ve loved Howard’s illustrations for a while (this looks more like Trees and Cemetery Beach than Super Dinosaur) and it’s great to see him both writing and drawing. This story has just the right level of crazy, and left me wanting more.


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