Graphic Novel Review: Batman: The Dark Prince Charming

Batman: The Dark Prince Charming by Marini. DC Comics, 2018. 9781401283322. 144pp oversized hardcover, includes several pages of sketches. Contains #1 – #2 of the series.

The artistry of Italian comics artist Enrico Marini (The Scorpion) makes this hand-painted Batman story worth reading: the Joker’s hair glows, his smile is totally creepy, and Batman looks terrifying. The fight scenes are as kinetic as the Joker is psychotic, which is saying something here.

The plot points: the Joker is trying to acquire the perfect present for Harley Quinn’s birthday, Catwoman is stealing high-end jewelry, and a paternity suit has been filed against Bruce Wayne. It has all the usual murder and mayhem you’d expect plus a hilariously deadpan henchman and an amazing drag scene.


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