Graphic Novel Review: A Man’s Skin by Hubert and Zanzim

A Man’s Skin by Hubert and Zanzim. Ablaze Publishing, 2021. 9781950912483. 160pp.

Bianca is eighteen and her marriage to Giovanni has been arranged. She’s only seen him once but would like to get to know her husband before they’re wed. She’s also hoping to stay friends with Tomaso after she’s married, though he doubts her husband will allow that. Her grandmother offers to let Bianca stay with her, to teach her about life and men a bit. But it’s not lessons she has in mind — instead her grandmother shows Bianca the secret of the women in their family — they have a man’s skin that they can put on and become a man for a bit. They call him Lorenzo.

As Lorenzo Bianca can explore the world of men and get to know her fiancé. Which Bianca does, with unexpected results. Giovanni falls in love with Lorenzo, complicating his married life with Bianca (who is of course also secretly Lorenzo). She offers him her understanding and a radical level of honesty about their relationship and desires even as she continues her deception.

It’s all kind of fun and weird throughout despite the presence of Bianca’s irritating brother Angelo and his fellow clergymen, who see all women as temptresses and who want all men and women to stop sinning. Worth noting: the art is marvelous and the sex scenes are tasteful. I look forward to news stories about folks trying to censor this adult graphic novel because it’s already mocked them ahead of time, and because that will make sure the book gets as large an audience as it deserves.


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