Graphic Novel Review: 6 Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton Volume One by Kyle Starks and Chris Schweizer

6 Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton Volume One by Kyle Starks and Chris Schweizer. Image / Skybound, 2022. 9781534320086. Contains #1 – 6.

Action star Trigger Keaton was a huge asshole, and no one knows it more than his sidekicks. They’re a diverse bunch with varied careers, and after Keaton’s funeral, they look into the cause of Keaton’s death together. There’s a lot of misogyny (Keaton’s), cursing, and ass-kicking, but it’s all pretty light courtesy of Starks’ dialogue and Schweizer’s cartoony violence. And there’s a stuntman war. (I just rewatched Carpenter’s They Live and its best moments have a lot in common with the best lines in this book.)

Schweizer has created a bunch of graphic novels, and my favorite series of his is The Crogan Adventures. Starks seems hellbent on bringing B-grade action movie-inspired stories to comics, and it’s hard to keep up with his output — Sexcastle or Old Head (basketball+vampires) would be a great place to start exploring his oeuvre if you’ve never read either. The best thing about this book is it reads like both Starks and Schweizer had a great time making it, and the feeling is contagious.


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