Enter Willow Payne / Exit Pat Coleman

Friday was Pat Coleman’s last strip for Library Comic. I know many of you, like me, love Pat’s style, plus all the Easter eggs and celebrity lookalikes he’s been slipping in. He always brings his personality and a huge array of skills to his illustrations, and I hope you’ll join me in thanking him for all his work.

Willow Payne will be taking over art duties as of today, at least for a bit. She’s been working with me for years on Unshelved Book Club strips and our Barbarian Girl graphic novel, plus she illustrated The Library Tarot deck. I think you’re going to love her style, too, if you don’t already.



One thought on “Enter Willow Payne / Exit Pat Coleman”

  1. Jeff Youngstrom says:

    Yay, Pat! Yay, Willow!

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