6 thoughts on “991”

  1. Andy Miller says:

    Foyles in London used to shelve books by publisher. It was a strange shop in those days.

    1. Gene Ambaum says:

      I’ve visited French comic shops like that — very hard to navigate.

    2. Chuk says:

      I love Foyles (haven’t been to the new one yet though).

    3. Chris Jordan says:

      I think it is Kinokuniya in the US that shelves manga by publisher. Challenging.

  2. Paul A. Clayton says:

    My observations as a page seem to imply most such inconsistencies are data-entry errors (e.g., digit swap and off by one) rather than cataloging inconsistencies. There are also technically correct classifications which are not consistent with the collection’s historical practice or the common/likely use by patrons (one example that comes to mind was a cookbook associated with a television show being catalogued in 791 rather than 641).

    I have also heard that abbreviations can be improperly expanded (without checking), leading to bizarre classifications; there is more than one organization abbreviated AMA.

  3. notStanley says:

    what about by colour, then spine height?

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