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Chairperson: Grant, what has your investigation turned up?
Grant: I found several patrons who wish we had more ebooks.

Charperson: All those in favor of doubling the library system’s ebook budget?
Other librarian: Aye!
Grant: My “data” says we should quadruple it.

Chairperson: I don’t know...
Grant: Come on, it’s only an extra few hundred dollars. We can save that much by agreeing now and cancelling the rest of these meetings.

Chairperson: Aye!
Other librarian: Aye!


One thought on “99”

  1. Michael says:

    “Only an extra few hundred dollars?” I work in a tiny underfunded library with minimal service, and quadrupling our e-book budget would be more than a $25,000/yr increase.

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