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Grant: The library system wants me to be on another committee.
Martin: Better you than me.

Grant: I don’t have time for all of these meetings.
Martin: It’s because you like ebooks. Everyone thinks you’re from the future.

Grant: How do you get out of these things?
Martin: I just tell them what I think.

Chairperson: First item on our agenda: reforming overdue fines.
Martin: I vote we re-institute use of the stockade.


2 thoughts on “96”

  1. delagar says:

    Saying what you think works in the academy as well!

    Or it’s kept me out of the administration, at least. 😀

  2. Elliot says:

    Who are the other two people at the meeting with Grant? Aren’t you going to name all the characters that work in the Library Comic library (I wouldn’t mind knowing the names of any recurring library users, too)? And, BTW, does the LC (accidental pun) library have a name? Not that it needs one…the [generic] library works fine.

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