6 thoughts on “881”

  1. David Nuttall says:

    I don’t see what the problem is. A tuffet is a type of stool.

    1. Ruth Rogers says:

      People who don’t read probably don’t know this. Wonder what she would make of curds & whey?

    2. Darythe says:

      Or a small grassy mound, which is what I was taught as a kid. It certainly changes the image of the story of if she is inside or outside

  2. SueB, NH says:

    The patron probably thinks “tuffet” is slang for Miss Muffet’s bottom. 😉

  3. Bob Ball says:

    She probably doesn’t know that. I didn’t. She may think the verse means Miss M. sat, as most of us do, on her bottom. Ewwwww!

  4. Ohio is for Libraries says:

    Mr. Greeley,

    A nod to Dolly Parton could go with library music. A classic, Books Check ‘Em Out by the California Raisins would be a solid addition from pre-Internet. Or Grapes of Wrath by Weezer if you want something more current.

    Excellent comic and really enjoying the PSoundz episode!

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