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Lucy: I know you’re always doing a great job.
Jody: But sometimes I’m better than others.

Lucy: I really appreciate your efforts.
Jody: Then you should know when I’m putting my best feet forward instead of working at 50%.

Lucy: You’re here now, working your butt off, even though you don’t feel well. Thank you!
Jody: It’s easy to look good when no one else is here.

Lucy: You’re amazing. But you need to learn to take a compliment.
Jody: I knew that you were working your way around to criticisms.


2 thoughts on “82”

  1. notStanley says:

    oh yeah, feeling that praise is undeserved :{

  2. BrewCityBookslinger says:

    This is where I begin to wonder if I’m being watched. Some of these characters are suspiciously familiar…

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