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Patron: Thanks for having me.
Lucy: You’re welcome.

Patron: Most libraries aren’t this nice.
Lucy: You’ve been reading all day. That’s pretty much what we hope for.

Patron: Any chance I can camp in your meeting room tonight?
Lucy: No library is that welcoming.

Patron: Your bookdrop looks pretty weatherproof.
Lucy: Don’t press your luck.


One thought on “80”

  1. jeffy says:

    A guy was laying his bedroll out behind the bike racks (opposite side of the door from the book drop) under the roof in front of my library a few weeks ago. He was there for a while, but I haven’t seen him this week. Don’t know if he was rousted or just picked a new spot now the weather has warmed up a little. I was proud of my library for letting him be. Hopefully his absence is by choice.

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