3 thoughts on “785”

  1. SueB,NH says:

    Why no masks? It isn’t over yet.

    1. Gene Ambaum says:

      Made a decision a few months ago, when Willow drew these, that it was time to jump into the future a bit.

      1. SueB,NH says:

        Okay! I hope the future gets here soon – it’s a pain to wear a mask all day! The students who use the academic library where I work are definitely suffering from “mask fatigue”. Overall, they’re reasonably good about wearing their masks, but they keep forgetting that, in a small study room, they are not in their own home and should leave their masks on. There are plenty of signs reminding them; somehow, they don’t think it matters if they are in the room alone. When I find them, I remind them that they’re breathing the same air breathed by every other student who used the room & took their masks off (the HVAC system isn’t the best – it was new back in the ’60s).

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