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Lucy: But you don’t have to leave.
Patron: If I can’t keep my stuff with me I can’t stay.

Lucy: What if you keep it on your back? That wouldn’t violate our rules.

(The Patron sits down with the backpack on.)

Lucy: That’s got to be some kind of violation.

Patron: This isn’t too bad.
Patron 2: Is there another seat that reclines like that?


3 thoughts on “77”

  1. Awesome Aud says:

    Why is having it under the table a problem?

    1. Craig says:

      Probably a regulation controlling these sorts of human/inanimate object inter-action thingies.. Roll behind being a hazard to people passing, roll under the table a hazard to him. Duty of care.

    2. Vik-Thor says:

      It looks big enough that it would be taking up the leg room for the seat beside him.

      And it looks like it gets bigger when he’s leaning back…

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