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  1. Ted says:

    I think that the library should accept everyone, whether or not they are wearing a mask. My mother can’t wear a mask, and she feels attacked when she can’t go in certain businesses, and when people stare at her. While I realize that the strip is about those people who don’t wear a mask for another reason, I don’t want our libraries to become on of those businesses that turns people away. Just food for thought.

    1. Miles says:

      At this point there are other solutions, though. Send people to businesses with a list to get needed things.
      Where I work, people claim to be unable to wear masks, and yet never have any kind of documentation of this. I try to be gentle about it, but this isn’t something new, and I will yell if necessary.

      I understand that masks suck. I wear one ten or more hours a day most days (four, five, or six days a week), and anytime I have to go out for anything (twice a month, maybe).
      The problem is that too many people are being selfish about this whole thing, and therefore making it worse than it needed to be, and worse for everyone, not just themselves.

    2. Neal says:

      If they let people in without masks and one the staff becomes infected they have to close for two weeks or longer to clean the entire library which is a greater loss?

      Helping your mother reserve a book online or going inside and picking out some of the subjects she likes to read. Or having the whole library closed for a half a month or longer?

  2. SueB,NH says:

    Not to mention, everyone is suffering from “mask fatigue”! But it looks like there may be a vaccine or two on the near horizon at last! 🙂

    1. Ted says:

      Let’s cross our fingers!

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