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  1. Gene Ambaum says:

    Here’s what I was thinking in writing this comic. I find that libraries are very bad at compelling folks to leave, even when they’re obviously sick. (In other circumstances I’ve been told that I couldn’t ask obviously sick individuals to leave, that if they made others uncomfortable with their hacking / sneezing / runny noses those who were uncomfortable should leave.) And I suspect that in many places already folks are being told they can’t compel anyone to leave if they’re sick — look at the variety of state and local laws out there. While I hope Jody could ask the patron to leave, I can also understand why she’s just trying to make the best of bad policy. (Lack of clarity and lack of joke in the comic my fault.)

    1. Kendall says:

      Thanks for explaining. That doesn’t change my first thought (“Why did she go to the library when clearly she’s self-aware and cares about others?!”), so even if this happened somewhere IRL, it felt unrealistic . . .

      . . . but regardless, Jody’s responses are amusing! 🙂 And that’s really the point to me, so yes, I did get the “making the best of bad policy” point and it did work as a joke! 😀

  2. So many books, so little time says:

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