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  1. Jerome says:

    Remember, kids: Sharpie fumes are dangerous!
    Signed, a librarian who tried this already.

  2. Jo says:

    Nitpicking here, but the mask needs to cover her nose as well for any degree of efficacy.

  3. Darythe says:

    I want to point out that a face mask not covering the nose does defeat the purpose of a face mask. Source: World Health Organization

  4. Estelle says:

    She needs to have it over her nose, too, in order for it to have any chance of being effective.

  5. Corey says:

    Well actually, the latest research that was done by the CDC (in cooperation with a subgroup of the WHO) has shown that, while covering the mouth AND nose is the most effective, having the nose exposed only decreases the efficacy by between 12% and 17%.
    So Jody should know better, but it is wrong to make the statement “for it to have any chance of being effective”.

    Please check latest studies and research before making blanket statements about efficacy rates, especially in the comment threads of a comic about libraries where people clearly go to learn how to put on masks.

  6. SueB,NH says:

    That’s good news to me – about not necessarily needing to cover the nose. Leaving my nose uncovered means no more fogged up glasses! (No, I am not going to use shaving cream on them!). I’ll probably keep my nose covered most of the time anyway. What really bugs me is the increase in the numbers of people walking into stores without face masks! Someone else came up with a term for those people: covidiots.

    1. corey says:

      Please, please, please…… don’t believe anything you read in the comment section of a humorous internet comic about library antics.

      1. SueB,NH says:

        Don’t worry – I’ll do my research before acting on anything I read – mostly I’m trying to find a way to cover my nose without my glasses fogging – those metal strips aren’t tight enough, so I wear my glasses lower on my nose – but keep forgetting & pushing them back up & fogging up my glasses again! (Contacts are not an option for me)

        1. corey says:

          Awesome! My comment was blatantly false.

          As for keeping your glasses from fogging up, I have learned that if you take a kleenex, fold it into a strip and lay it over the bridge of your nose, between the mask and your skin, then that forms a moisture absorber. Experiment with that a bit, and you should find a good position. I do it, and my glasses stopped fogging up totally.

          Good luck! And stay safe!

          1. SueB,NH says:

            Thanks for the tip! That sounds way better than the paper first aid tape I was planning to try! I’ll try that later today when I actually have to leave my house & interact with other people! (we’re into our 2nd month of Stay Home here in NH, and my 8th week WFH)

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