Thanks to the lovely Cherie Tartt for her appearance in Library Comic!

This one is for a few friends I haven’t seen in a while, and for a family member who was Mr. Leather Seattle once upon a time.


6 thoughts on “671”

  1. Curtis says:

    Uh… I’m not sure this is in good taste…
    One of the absurd objections about drag performers doing story times is the false-conflation of drag and kink, and this does not help dispel that misconception.

    And I get that this is satirical, but by making it satire, you add an element of kink shaming (which I’m against).

    1. M. Alan Thomas II says:

      I agree that this seems to be trying to show for humor what other people take as a serious possibility. Whether or not that’s a problem is a bit of a Poe’s law situation. (Is it so obviously ridiculous that it’s clear that the idea is being ridiculed? Or are we assuming that it’s satire when it’s serious? Or . . .)

    2. Gene Ambaum says:


  2. Cat says:

    Yeah, this was definitely not in good taste. I’m disappointed.

  3. notStanley says:

    kewl, something to offend everyone! sacred cows make the steaks

  4. Amanda L Zagloba says:

    This is an actual issue my library LGBT services committee has faced so I find it HILARIOUS. Although, I should add we’ve started a special adults only drag story time to help with the issue. 🙂

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