Thanks to my friend Cherie Tartt for her appearance in Library Comic. She was the host of Vermont’s public access show Cherie & Yolanda Live! for years. You can see recordings of a lot of the shows — with many appearance by James Kochalka — on YouTube on the VERMONTCAM channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ0DBxkKhE4


9 thoughts on “670”

  1. MM says:

    Libraries shouldn’t be having drag queens reading to kids, period.

    1. Spode says:

      Libraries should be having all kinds of people read to kids, period.

      There – fixed it for ya.

    2. Clay Campbell says:

      As long as they are kind, respectful, and literet, Libraries should have anyone who is willing to volunteer read to anyone, exclamation point.

    3. Fred McDonald says:

      An interesting comment. Do you have anything to say that isn’t ignorant and bigoted, perhaps?

    4. Erik says:

      No, seriously though, MM:

    5. Paul says:

      Don’t be silly. There are no periods for drag queens.

    6. Chris says:

      I agree.
      If you are for diversity, then ask a regular Transwoman. Drag Queens are often over the top in their sexuality. Bright dresses, way to much make-up to be healty and – as seen here – often claws. That’ all right for a show for adults but not for small kids. They see this massive make-up, the over the top attitude and the can’t understand, that this is just a show, put on from adults for adults.
      So yes – before asking a drag queen, ask a real transwoman (a bodily male person, who identifies as woman) or a person, who likes to dress as woman, but without the tons of make-up or disguise.
      The message I want to give to kids is this: Be real. Be yourself and don’t hide under covering.

  2. Curtis says:

    I’m dying. That nod to “Discreet” hookups in the last panel… xD

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